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The Jet has departed

If you know me then you know that I am a huge Atlanta Falcons fan. I have been there for the high of highs, and I have been there for the low of lows. The franchise has been shaken to its core with the recent frustration of Julio Jones with the franchise, and the then subsequent trade of the star. I was always that fan that defended him when the topic came up about "who is the best receiver in the game?". Post Megatron, people always argued for Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, among others, but the one constant was Julio. Since being drafted in 2011, Julio has been one of the faces of the franchise. He has consistently been one of the top receivers in the game. Julio was the person on the team that always gave us hope. We knew that at any time Julio could take over the game. He made jaw-dropping plays, but he is also a receiver that does not have an ego. He is so physical that he was huge in the run game. There also always was the dig that Julio did not score touchdowns, but he never made a fuss about it. He just put his pads on and played his game. This is not going to a post where I bash Julio, because I understand his point of view. Both sides needed a split from each other. Julio wants to compete for a championship, and right now Atlanta is not able to give him that chance. Atlanta needed cap space and Julio was the man that had to be moved. He is an older superstar at a position where he is closer to the end than the beginning. Of course, with him being my favorite player, I wish we could have kept him, but I am no delusional fan. This makes the wound of 28-3 cut even deeper. I wanted to see Julio hoist the Lombardi in the red and black. Ultimately, it just was not meant to be. I wish him nothing but the best in Tennessee and I will always root for him to be a top receiver. I hope he eventually gets that trophy, just if it does not come at the expense of my Falcons. I am more committed to the team because it takes 53 to win a Super Bowl.

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